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Source Management
            A good management for development not only lies in pure businesss, but its the way we support the environment and develop a unified culture to nurture the essence of human strength, morale, knowledge and economics. We keep connected with technologies and agri research centres and update our farmers for the availability of new breed of seeds and techniques. We amalgamate with testing centres for quality of seeds to ensure if it is in par with expected yield and quality. This helps us in maintaining our productivity and promises.
            Since from inception, Naina rice mills primary investment is knowledge of paddy procurement, by consideration of various factors and extending alternative geo locations with seasons for purchase of paddy. Season and Soil plays major role in delivering its produce, and along with these there are several factors we scrutinize in selecting the paddy for procurement. Our procurement specialists subject the samples of paddy for a set of scheduled test of chemical, microbiological and residue validations that confirm with our proprietory standards, to enlist the procurement. The carefully selecteds are then moved to our processing storage facilities, which are managed for effective supply of Naina Brand Rice as and when necessary to the market.
Quality Team
            Our quality team comprises of eminent and experienced heads in the field of Agriculture Management, Production Management, Resource Management and Scientific advisory personnel coordinating in tandem to ensure the outputs of planning and production is alingned with expected developments. The Chief Member of Naina Rice Mills arranges periodic get-together with the quality team for briefing as well as to encourage the morale of the team and keep the organisation in its right order.